2018_02 RPL (Wasted Potential) Sales Letter
The Regret Proof Life



Imagine waking up having achieved...emotional, financial and time FREEDOM. 

But first....STOP READING RIGHT NOW...if you aren't an action taker.

If you are just Sally Lookie Lou. 

Don't waste your time.

Within this program, you will have exactly what you need to get over your own mental crap, the stuff holding you hostage and you will actually have to put in the work, do the soul searching and commit to have serious breakthroughs.

If you aren't up for that...it's okay. Life goes on for you, no biggie, right?

And for the rest of you, brave, bold, and courageous enough to get off the fear fence ....read on. 


They have free time. They aren't crazy busy. They aren't tired and worn out from not being able to put their priorities in place.

They clearly are moving forward even if they have some fear inside.

They clearly are living out their big goals and dreams, even if they have some level of self-doubt.

 They are writing books. They are creating businesses. They are making a difference.

They are full of self-love and self-confidence.

How in the hell do they do it??

You have an idea of what kind of life or relationship or mission, or purpose, or passion, or business or BIG DREAM you want to create. And what is missing is what's in the way of having it happen for you. You know if you don't start creating it...living it out....you are going to feel regret.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps... at the end of each day, you aren't putting your head on the pillow feeling proud of how you spent your time or satisfied with the results.

Where is all the time going? Your to-do list is so long, and yet, it's not taking you toward your BIG DREAM !

You KNOW WITH ALL YOUR HEART....you are meant to make a difference in the world. Make a difference for yourself and your family, but you can't embrace your value, embrace what you have to offer the world.

The worry and stress is starting to show up like self-doubt and low confidence. And this isn't who you want to be! 

Not at all.


feeling free, full of self-confidence, full of self-worth, embracing your skills, going for it, saying yes to your desires, falling in love with you, taking action, learning step-by-steps and doing them, getting unstuck, being fearless.....it's all available for you!


How amazing would your life be, how awesome would you feel about yourself?

Kathy Kidd

"We’re on track for $2.4 million in 2017! Mary was a GAME CHANGER. Because of the clarity and new confidence I gained working with Mary, it has catapulted our business. This was a long overdue, major shift that I just wasn’t getting on my own. Within the first week after developing my new product I had my first 15K week. Since then I have signed numerous clients, I am a featured speaker and have the business I have always dreamed about. I know I will make back many thousands of times my investment."

Kathy Kidd, Owner, THRIVE Business Development

Yes, I am ready for a Regret Proof Life!

3 Payments of $187 

 Pay in FULL $497 (save $64.00)

You are invited to join in this 5 week program that will help you dream, design and do what it takes to have a Regret Proof Life

It's all about going BEYOND HAPPY so you can make 


It’s time for you to do it NOW… yes, NOW. 



Take action.

Stop being a woman who sits by and watches the time just fly by.

Even if you have tons of success, you look great on paper, if you are living a life trapped by your to-do list, don't have time to do what you want, are tired of missing out on your kids, putting yourself last on the list....

There is no need to wait any longer.  


I know you think it has to take a long time for change, 

but it doesn’t.  


Live your potential in a big way, transform your money story, start funding your dreams and plan on having the life you really want.


How amazing would your life be, how awesome would you feel about yourself?I 


 I hid from myself. Behind men, booze and the letters behind my name....stuck. (and I was supposed to know better because I was a psychotherapist!)

I wasted so much time, so much of my life NOT doing what I wanted. And with that came REGRET.

In my past, I was scared to really show up in the world because, everytime I did, people would reject me. Or not really "get" me. It was like my ideas were so big, they couldn't understand them.

And the truth is this...that was all bullsh*t that I was telling myself. My excuses. My victim mentality.

Even though I was happy in many areas of my life....happiness is fleeting. There are ups and downs. 

What I wanted was to feel proud of myself, for the very first time.

Always longed to be a great force in the world. AND DIDN'T WANT TO LIVE BY SOMEONE ELSE'S RULES!! I wanted to experience freedom!

First step, made a huge commitment to figuring out what was holding me back, promising I would never go back to that woman who wasted her life hiding out, stuck. Adrift. 

And now, WOW, honored and privilge to help women all over the globe realize their dreams, create their businesses, release their blocks and help them create a step-by-step plan on how to move forward. Happily married and have a dream life.

And NEVER feel like a big ole' imposter or undeserving. 


  • I wish someone would tell me what to do to get unstuck.
  • What they hell am I supposed to do to get out of this trap I created?
  • How am I supposed to get it all done, I'm already busy?
  • I already work hard....I can't imagine trying something new...who has time?
  • Is it too late for me? 
  • What is causing me to be stuck at this level? 

Here's what you get on the other side of doing this program. 

  • Get more confidence. 
  • Get rid of self-doubt.
  • Get out of the worrying and fear of judgement trap.
  • Get a shake down on the imposter syndrome and feeling like a fake.
  • Get a clear personal step-by-step plan of action to get on your way to your BIG DREAM goal. 
  • Get serious about your purpose so you can experience more joy.
  • Get out of your head and stop all that inner negative Nelly B.S. 
  • Get your money issues resolved...it's time to be a money machine and live the lifestyle you really want 
  • Get into reality, if you could have done it alone you….would have.
  • Get in place systems to make life easier. 

What do you need to do daily to make your dreams come true? How many times have you put your head on the pillow having lost the whole day doing meaningless CRAP?? 

Yes, I am ready for a Regret Proof Life!

3 Payments of $187 

 Pay in FULL $497 (save $64.00)

The Regret Proof Life Module 1
  • Declare it and commit to yourself NOW and to your future self that you are going to get what you want, no matter what, come hell or high water. 
  • Know what you want, own it, no apologies and no GUILT. 
  • Develop multiple WHY’S and shift your sub-conscious mind to PROPEL you into action and have laser focus.

($500 Value)

The Regret Proof Life Module 2
  • Retrain you brain from falling prey to the 5 BLINDSPOTS that is keeping you stuck in sabotaging patterns.
  • Use #1 TRUE secret to set you free from your inner critic. 
  • Soar with your confidence, banish self-doubt and own how freaking awesome you are. 

($500 Value)

The Regret Proof Life Module 3
  • Create you own money beliefs. Stop living out all the mental money programming you got as a kid. 
  • Fall in love with money. It's one of the most important things you need to have it all.
  • Become a grown up. Design a life and figure out how much it's going to cost. 

($500 Value)

The Regret Proof Life Module 4
  • The #1 WAY to get what you want.
  • Create strong BOUNDARIES. Stop saying yes to meaningless crap on your list, for people who don't really care about your big dream.  
  • Stop giving away your power. Rip of your Busy badges of HONOR. 

($500 Value)

The Regret Proof Life Module 5
  • Self LOVE. It's time to love yourself, my dear. 
  • You come first. PERIOD. 
  • Embrace all of your AMAZING capabilities (aka: your multiple personalities) so you stop feeling like an imposter or fraud. Time to stop comparing!

($500 Value) 

The Regret Proof Life Bonuses
  • Bliss Talk: End the "we keep talking about this over and over." Learn how to do it right the first time. 
  • Clear The Clutter: What baggage are you carrying around (literally and figurativley) It's in the way.
  • The Hidden Thoughts About Money & Success
  • More surprises because you are worth it!

($980 Value)

1:1 with Mary
  • 60 Minute Private 1:1 Call with Mary
  • Smash through the stuff holding you back. 
  • Get concrete, direct feedback on your pre-regret plan.
  • Discuss strategies and next steps to live out whatever the hell it is CALLING you.

($395 Value)

60 day Money Back Guarantee

Suzie Conine

"LOVED LOVED LOVED you! And I just want to thank you again for being so incredibly gracious.The women raved about the fact you are so interactive and that allowed them to have many insights. Can’t wait to hear you again." Suzie Conine, Coach and Managing Director, eWoman Network, South Puget Sound

Heather Esposito

"I cannot say enough about working with Mary. My “issue” was that deep down. I wouldn’t allow myself to desire it, let alone admit that I wanted it. There was no congruency with my mind and my heart and it was incredibly frustrating. I had worked with other high level coaches who would spend so much time going through the “reasons” of why I felt the way I do but never got results, until now." Heather Esposito, Author

Emily Geizer

"Before working with Mary, I felt like the little problems in my otherwise fantastic relationship were just something I needed to accept. 

She showed me exactly what to do to bump those areas into the fantastic range. I can’t wait to do the rest of my assignments."

Emily Geize, Holistic Health Coach

Jeany Park

"Mary really walks the talk of playing big in her career and in her life." Jeany Park, CEO Treeswing

The Regret Proof Life Package

Yes, I am ready for a Regret Proof Life!

3 Payments of $187 

 Pay in FULL $497 (save $64.00)

Nikki Rausch

"I’m not even able to express in words how much I get with you. Working with Mary has allowed me to double my rates, become a highly sought after speaker, build my confidence and push myself. 

I made more in the first few months of the year than I had in the entire PREVIOUS YEAR!"

Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven Coach

Here's what you get

  • ACCOUNTABILITY with 5 LIVE weekly calls
  • One 1:1 private call with me to be done after week 3 
  • Lifetime access
  • Cheat sheets and templates
  • Bonuses and surprises
  • 100% online

Are you ready to create...

  • FREEDOM to do what you desire.
  • Increased confidence.Experience of joy. Direction.
  • Personalized Mindset strategies that will skyrocket your SELF WORTH and help catapult you with creating a Regret Proof Life.
  • A tight plan of action for how you personally handle it when things get challenging.
  • Multiple systems to support your growth and help eliminate your stress.
  • A strong commitment to yourself, maybe for the very first time and a relationship build on respect and pride. 

Then this is the right place for you! 

Frequently Asked:

When does this start? 

We start March 5 at 10 a.m. PST. Even if you can't join us live, all the calls will be recorded and workbooks will be placed in your membership area.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, you have a 60 day money back guarantee. Just read the terms and conditions on the check out page or below. I want you to succeed! And if you do all the work, you will be ahead!

When do I get to speak with Mary?

You will speak with Mary a lot and often. You will have 5 live group calls where Mary teach you The Regret Proof LifeTM modules. During these calls, you will always have the opportunity to ask questions and learn in a focused group environment. Additionally, you will receive a special link to schedule your one on one call with Mary after week 3. Why after week 3? Because that will give you enough time to have a clearer understanding of what you want, and Mary can help you solidify your plan. You will come to the call with better questions, and she will be better able to laser in!

Why should I do this, what is one main reason this will help me?

Accountability, is key. If you could have done this before you would have. You will not only create all of the deep dive, step-by-step plan, you will have the opportunity to ask questions weekly. Plus, you will have a 60 minute call with Mary where you will receive personalized, precise, and concrete action steps towards your goal.

I am not 100% sure what I want to focus on.

No problem. We will be diving into a PROCESS of discovering what you want. AND even if you know what you want, being able to DESIGN a plan and goal is critical to your success.

I think a lot of my issues are around mindset, will this help?

Get ready, because you are going to learn so much about how your thinking is impacting where you are today and where you will be tomorrow. This is exciting!

About Mary Bicknell, LCSW:

Creator of The Regret Proof Life™: Go beyond HAPPY. It's TIME to make to you and your future self PROUD.​ You can have everything you want in your life & biz​. Choose to improve how you think, how you plan and how you do the work! ​Success leaves signs, if ​you can dream it you can do it! 

I work with women business owners and entrepreneurs who want more time freedom, who are tired of putting off change and who are ready to truly create the life & biz they have always dreamed of, even if they don't know how. Over the last 20+ years, I have worked with countless people, helping them become all the are destined to be, all the desire to be, and helped them fulfill their dreams and goals. 

Whether she was busy helping people in building a business, working at Johns Hopkins, or speaking on stages the commitment is the same. BE YOUR BOLDEST SELF. LIFE IS SHORT. GO FOR IT. Her clients say she gives them a hug while kicking them in the butt. Direct and candid is the best way to show respect. She promises never wot waster your time. 

I guarantee, if we work 1:1, you will have more time in your life, you will feel less overwhelmed, you will begin to execute a plan that will allow you to be freer than you are TODAY.  

******"Life isn't waiting around for you to get it all together, it's marching forward with OR without you. Nothing feels worse than to not live out those dreams you have been carrying around....maybe for years. It's not as hard as you think....I PROMISE!"*****  


You deserve a #regretprooflife!


Mary Bicknell, LCSW, MSW. Speaker, Author, Biz Mentor for Women, Lover of all things Chocolate!

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