More Impact Profit and Time

The Guide to Your Hidden Thoughts About Money & Success

You can have what you want in life!  

You may or may not have realized just how powerful your thinking is when it comes to money & success.

It's obvious you are realizing that you need more money and more success to live the amazing life you are dreaming about.

You can see that maybe, just maybe the way you raised to think about money might just be impacting your today.

Would you be surprised to know how you THINK about money & success is the #1-single most- important factor in having more of both!  

#boldtruth: You have been conditioned since you were a little child on HOW-TO think about money & success. 

Sooner or later you'll be ready to evaluate if that conditioning is true for you now? 

You might have noticed or wondered if this conditioning is giving you what you want in your life today?  

In this FREE mini-workshop listen the short audio training & follow along in your workbook. Aha's are in store!

Get ready to discover what hidden thoughts are keeping you:  

  • stuck 
  • arguing about money with your partner
  • not being able to take that vacation
  • stalled 
  • broke disappointed in yourself 
  • not getting paid enough
  • saying yes when you need to say no.. and so on.  

Once you understand yourself a little better....the big bold life you want can be yours!  

  • You deserve to be wealthy.
  • You deserve to have more money.
  • You aren't doing anyone any favors playing small.
  • You want to buy what you want to buy...great, but if you don't realize how you are holding yourself back you will always have less than what you need or want. 
  • You can have the success you seek.
  • You can say YES to the things that will help you move closer to your goal and no to all the crap in the way.

You can try to keep ignoring how your thinking impacts your success, but why?

You probably already know you want to 

make you & your future-self happy!

#bebolditsTIME...for YOU, gorgeous to have all you desire and live #theregretprooflife

Mary Bicknell, LCSW, increased her revenue 450% in ONE (1) year and works 3 days a week so she can still be a hands on mama to her daughter, River. 

Mary has combined her years as a psychotherapist with her experience as a sales trainer and a biz consultant to create a simple to follow way of building a business. It is called: The Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan For Therapists Who Want to Coach.

She has worked with hundreds of women to overcome their mental baggage so they can bring out the true LEADER within and get off this plateau. 

She has been instrumental in helping women increase their revenues (more than doubling on average), decrease their time "working so hard" by having a tight plan and easy to implement systems. 

She knows you have something big you want to share with the world, you are excellent at what you do, but you just haven't mastered the art of being a solid business owner....even if you are at 7 figures.

Your truly can have MORE...IMPACT. PROFIT. & TIME.

Mary Bicknell, LCSW. Personal Grow Coach for Women & Biz Consultant for Therapists who Want to Coach.  

"Life isn't waiting around for you to get it all together, it's marching forward with OR without you. Nothing feels worse than to not live out those dreams you have been carrying around....maybe for years. It's not as hard as you think....I PROMISE!"