The Guide to Your Hidden Thoughts About Money & Success

You may or may not have realized just how powerful your thinking is when it comes to money & success.

In this mini-workshop you will take a quiz, dig deep into lack thinking and examine what is causing this limitation. Your desired success will be uncovered, along with the root cause of what's been keeping it away.

Would you be surprised to know how you THINK about money & success is the #1-single most- important factor in having more of both!  

#boldtruth: You have been conditioned since you were a little child on HOW-TO think about money & success. 

Sooner or later you'll be ready to evaluate if that conditioning is true for you now? Is it the legacy you want to continue living?

Get ready to discover the hidden thoughts are keeping you:  

  • stuck 
  • undercharging
  • pushing away success
  • questioning your worth
  • arguing about money with your partner
  • not being able to take that vacation
  • broke disappointed in yourself 
  • saying yes when you need to say no.. and so on.  

Once you understand yourself a little better....the big bold life you want can be yours!  

  • You will receive more abundance.
  • You will step into financial freedom.
  • You will love expanding your life.
  • You will have the success you seek.
  • You will become the kind of woman who says YES to her true desires.

It's time to become conscious of how your money thoughts have impacted your life and to take charge.

 Mary Bicknell, LCSW, Speaker, Business Owner and Founder of The 5% Club, a life and business program supporting women to achieve the status of being in the top earners making between $300-$500k a year, all while working 3-days a week….guilt-free. 

Mary increased her revenue 450% in ONE (1) year and works 3 days a week so she can still be a hands-on mama to her daughter, River.

As a former psychotherapist, sales trainer, and a lifelong entrepreneur, Mary has worked with thousands of women to help wake them up to the fact that life is happening and they are missing out on it due to their inability to move from frazzled to strategic in their money-making endeavors. 

Mary’s mission for the past 25 years is to help women see their amazing capabilities and to create a life where they get to do whatever the hell they want, whenever they want to

It’s all about getting their mental head on straight, implementing a solid proven plan and maximizing effective systems that will allow them to live free. 

Being in the top 5% of earners is freedom. Let’s get real, most people in the world could live an epic life if they made $25-$41 thousand a month. 

Not everyone wants a 7-figure (aka: headache prone) business. And, since when is the desire to only earn a half-million dollars being a lazy-ass?

Time and truth are my core values. I mix candor and humor to help get the point across, you can have it all if you are willing to do the work, and that’s the right work, the effective work, not the crazy busy work. It’s time to move into The 5% Club™ and Lead a Life Uncommon™ (the name of her podcast & her life-coaching program.)

"There is so much available for you, you are powerful beyond your imagination! Connect with your intuition, get tight on what to do, eliminate time-wasting and allow yourself to feel proud of your accomplishments! You can have it all, you deserve to receive all the abundance that is literally right on the other side of your thoughts!"