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even if you have never marketed a business before?

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You crave free time

You want to make a lot of money

You want to be a powerful & confident leader

You want to love your work & find meaning in it

You want amazing clients

We start on Monday, Dec. 14 for our orientation call.

Being a go-getter, being someone who probably has a few solid ideas of how you'd like to help people, I bet the 30-Day Jump Start is what you need to kick off your transition into coaching.

That's located right inside this program.

Yes, this program teaches you many ways to build your biz, and even more specifically is using the 30-day jump start.

Let's get you out of overthinking and into ACTION so that you can feel more confident, so you can stop worrying about exactly what to do next.

It's all outlined inside the 30-Day Jump Start

  • How to define your niche
  • Market to them
  • Enroll them into your coaching package
  • How to overcome your fears of judgment
  • How to connect with your perfect ideal client
  • How to actually tell people what you do and who your ideal client is
  • How to show up online
  • How to create your coaching package
  • How to be articulate with the value of your offer (even if you have zero idea right now while reading this!)....and more.

See inside the program you have the perfect place to start and the perfect place to grow as your biz grows.

And it all starts with simplicity.

So if you aren't sure how to transition into's all laid out.








You can do this,


You realize you want to nail your niche, develop and sell a program or high-ticket coaching package, get your systems streamlined, need to develop a plan for marketing....all while wanting to master coaching.

It's all a little (okay a lot) confusing, you have the want, but it's all the overwhelm, what to do first, and stuckness in the way.

The big question in front of you is, where to start?

What to do first and then what?

Let that go for a moment.

Instead, imagine what the possibilities are.

Freedom to create what you want.

Freedom to be the woman you came here to be.

Freedom to see what the hell you are made of.

Freedom to help people the way you know is the most helpful.

Freedom from worries, or from the thought, "is this all there is," or freaking....just FREEDOM!

To do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want to.

That's the kind of freedom you really want, like inside, deep down, can't tell your sister(friend/cousin/co-worker) kind of freedom!

Maybe you have tried all the suggestions you see advertised in your social feeds....

  • you've watched a million YouTube videos, webinars and read every single pdf from the guru non-clinicial marketing dudes on the HOW-TO's
  • you've tried to piece it all together, because hey, you're smart...but it's more like someone dumped a big puzzle on the floor and there are too many pieces.
  • you may have even tried to do some marketing yourself and lost your shirt on ads that didn't convert, didn't know what content to post on social and OMG, to think of having a "sales call" makes you FREEZE

Everyone you talk to is throwing their limiting beliefs on you like, "why would you give up being a therapist?"

or "does that coaching thing really work?"

And now you are wondering, crap, will it work? Can I do this? Can I make enough money doing the work I love?

Me too! I totally get you!

That's exactly the way I felt when I started.

I kept thinking, "I've got a Master's, my LCSW, I'm smart, I should be able to figure it out."

But grad school didn't even come close to preparing me to build a biz, market it or become a coach.

When I decided I was never again going to allow other people to tell me when to work, how to help people and that I had to perpetuate a medical model I no longer believed in, I was done.

But the reality hit me.

What I wanted was a real solid plan.

What I wanted was someone to tell me what systems to put into place, now.

When I finally learned the real business building how-to's, the marketing formulas and day-to-day steps....well, today, I'm running a global business, teaching mental health & wellness pros just like you how to build their business and how to master coaching.

Therapists make the best coaches.

You have amazing listening skills, know how to ask great questions and you can see the client's problem a mile away!

Therapists become coaches because you want next-level transformation with clients.

Just IMAGINE you:

  • work with committed, forward-thinking, goal-oriented dream clients. (breath that in)
  • experience meaning & money, service & success & impact & income (fulfillment)
  • never have to deal with the medical model, with co-pays, or a boss again. (true flexibility)
  • design a lifestyle you adore and create a business around it (and to fund it)
  • work from wherever, whenever so you can hang out with your kids during the day, travel and bring your work (aka: laptop)

You want answers to learn exactly how to launch, scale & grow your online business.

  • How to use your current tools, education & skills as a coach?
  • How to pick a profitable niche?
  • How to get out of the dollar per hour rat race, say good-bye to insurance?
  • How to price and package a coaching program?
  • How to market online using social media even if you have never had to market before?

Okay, and what about these?

  • You don't want to be "pushy."
  • Tech feels overwhelming and you want simplicity.
  • You are already busy, what's a simple plan to fit it all in.
  • Stuck sucks and you want your big dreams to come true.
  • Imposter syndrome & fears whisper doubts.

Client Love & Results

"You have given me such clarity and direction on my program, I can't thank you enough!"

"Sold my first coaching client!"

- Kristin M

"I transitioned my practice over a year ago, and I'm so happy I did! I worked with Mary Bicknell invested in MYSELF and MY dreams!"

"I've had a $9600 month!"

- Laurie

"I have a thriving private practice and have added an additional $57,000 above and beyond my normal range. That's just year ONE! Can't wait to see the other revenue streams I'm going to create! Thank you, Mary"!

-Kerri D.

Any of that sound familiar?

Cool, keep reading because you are in the right place my friend!

So here's the #boldTRUTH: you could give up on your big DREAM life, you could piecemeal it together forever wasting time and energy, or you could make a solid decision to get the help from someone who gets you.

I invite you to this comprehensive program for therapists who want to create a coaching business:

  • get you CLEAR on your big bold goals!
  • give you a plan, choose a profitable niche, develop create a program, price it, and learn to market it on social.
  • teach you to become masterful with your coaching skill so your clients have massive transformations
  • help you get over your b.s. inner critic and feel the confidence you are LONGING to feel!
  • learn super simple tech how-to's so your brain won't be crushed with overwhelm.

You are made for more.

Learn the exact steps I used to go from 46k a year to 213k my very first year as a coach and now....a million dollar biz.

I'm just an LCSW who wanted more.

Grad school didn't prep me for business building. Or tell me that one day I would look around and think, Holy Shit, is this all there is!

They forgot to tell me that I'd be burned out, wouldn't make enough money to make my big dreams come true and get to the point I resented the work.

Being a psychotherapist, frankly, just wasn't cutting it. I wanted more. I wanted freedom. I wanted clients who were all in on themselves so I didn't have to be (what felt like) dragging them forward to a better life.

I did it all in social work. Dozens of hospitals. Home health. Bx director for 25 nursing homes. DHS child welfare. Level 5 school. Case manager sitting in a cubicle smelling Deb's popcorn every Friday.

Death. Trauma. know, all of it.

Done. The day I was done was a turning point. I decided to be all in on ME.

I figured if I could learn to become a therapist, I knew I was smart enough to follow the A,B,C's of building a business. 

Because of my therapy background, I knew I: 

  • could follow a plan and implement systems if someone would just give them to me
  • had tools I could adapt for coaching (and have since proven this).
  • had a strong ethical backbone (I don’t worry about twisting people’s arms hard-selling them and know how to keep boundaries intact).
  • knew people would appreciate all those initials behind my name (and they do, they tell me so).

What I found to be true is I:

  • make more money as a coach than I ever could have as an LCSW
  • am the best boss I have ever had & work when I want to, my time, my schedule.
  • am a hands-on mother because my office is across the hall from my 14-year-old daughter's room.
  • show up as my real self and don’t hide out under a therapist hat.
  • no longer hold my tongue or stifle the wisdom my clients really need to hear.


When I tried to figure it out alone, I failed. Asking for help used to make me feel weak. Now, I can't imagine wasting time being frustrated trying to figure something out on my time is too valuable for that!


Millions of dollars every single day are spent on coaching & personal development business. I have years of knowledge and wisdom and I can help people have transformations.


Every single day I see brilliant women, capable women wasting their lives, wasting their time, wasting away at jobs they hate, working with people who drain them, worrying about money.

All because of fear, doubt and not getting help to LEARN the how's.

You are invited to create the life & biz of your dreams, live out your purpose & potential, feel like a freakin' rock star and LOVE YOUR LIFE!

Become the leader of your industry.

Become the go-to in your niche

Become the business owner that makes it happen.

Whether you are wanting to maximize your private practice and add another income stream or you want to create a stand-alone coaching business today's the day.

An online business is the most incredible opportunity, we as women, have had ever.

Your income potential is UNLIMITED.

You create your own schedule.

You can meld your clinical skills with coaching skills.

And you literally can start today.

Here's the rub.

Doing this without guidance won't be easy.

Do you want the slow lane of going alone?


Do you want the actual proven plan that works from someone who gets you?

Coaching is mainstream.

People want it.

And people also are savvy.

You want to stand out by creating your own signature system and implement your strategic marketing plan.

You are unique. You are your own brand.

It's time you learn how to build a profitable business and master the art of coaching.

Client Love & Results

"You really helped me.  I’ll admit you pinned me down at one point and wooooweeeee I was uncomfortable.It was uncomfortable because it was truth though."


"Mary has also helped me realize how I have not been tight with my processes in my business (how I get clients, how I follow up, how I charge, etc..) nor how I can figure out why or why not my approaches are succeeding.  I am excited now, because I am so tired of just flying by the seat of my pants!."

"I have made more in the last 2 months than I did last year!"

- Catherine O 

 "Raquel has learned how to enroll clients in her 6k program! She has built out a Masterclass, has an interviewing series every week and is becoming a leader in the working mom space."

- Raquel

The Biz Trifecta™

It's all covered.


(Confidence in yourself is critical)

Mastering your own thinking is foundational to your success.

The transition into being visible, learning to market and doing the business building is one of the biggest barriers to success for Therapist Who Coach.


(Doing smart work, not busy work)

Knowing what to do & when to do it so you eliminate confusion, doubt & overwhelm is critical to success.

Have your daily MMA (money-making activities) checklists, your marketing map and never get confused on what's next.


(Create more free time & automate)

Every business needs systems. Run your business like clockwork.

Ensure the 6 Success Systems are in place so you can have more time freedom, give your clients a better experience and put into place the ability for the biz to run itself.

8+ Call options a Month so You Have Several Times to Get The Support You Need.

  • 2 Copy Calls
  • 2 Private Practice Owners Calls
  • 2 Mindset & SeeTheSigns Calls
  • 2 Strategy Biz Development Calls

DFY & Templates

  • list building
  • design a freebie.
  • email sequencing
  • email calendar
  • email frequency
  • testimonials
  • market research calls
  • elevator "hot hook"

SeeTheSigns Coaching Method™

  • Master your skills
  • DFY tools, exercises that you can use as your own.
  • Blend your clinical skills so you feel 100% confident with transformation

The Document, Tech & Tools Vault

  • examples of agreements & contracts
  • terms & agreements
  • refund policy examples
  • client on-boarding processes
  • tech tools so you never have to wonder what to use.

Private Facebook Group

  • Like Minded Go-Getter, Do The Work Peers.
  • Surround yourself with women who will give you the HIGH-FIVE you want & need as you RISE!

Meet Laura Your Copywriting Coach

Fueled by expertise in copywriting, Laura is on a mission to help you make a movement. She leverages the power of buyer psychology, storytelling, and conversion-based messaging to position you and your brand and at the forefront of the industry pack.

She’s written for several leaders including Fabienne Fredrickson, Christine Kane, Heather Petherick, Marci Lock, and Marilyn Alauria.

Before discovering the world of personal growth and development, Laura got her bachelor’s degree in social work and her master’s degree in psychology.

She was working long hours for very little pay and barely making a dent in her student loans.

But once she started working with coaches and got a job as a copywriter for thought leaders, Laura’s life transformed quickly.

Now, Laura has built a thriving marketing business of her own based on one core belief: Marketing (at its best) spreads important messages to more people.

Now, she uses her expertise to help spread messages of transformation and reach all the people who still need to discover what is possible in life.

Laura helps leaders stand out, gain authority, and craft messages that spread like wildfire.


  • Still in the beginning stages of your business?
  • Perfect, everything you need for solid foundations.

30-Day Jump Start

  • Already have an idea for a program?
  • Get started NOW
  • 6-Breakthroughs and How-To's to Build FAST

The Relationship Marketing Method™

  • Connect & Convert

Facebook Groups 101:

  • Build community
  • monetize from a group of people who are ready, willing & able to invest.

Copywriting & Story Selling

  • Get solid
  • Get clear
  • Expert coaching on what to say to attract your client.
  • Create ONE FULL year of authority building social media content for:
  • FB lives
  • all social posts
  • blogging
  • instagram
  • pinterest

Flagship Signature System Creation

  • Launch your high-ticket & group program
  • Master selling 1:1 Coaching Clients

Client Love & Results

Kathy Kidd

"Mary was a GAME CHANGER. Because of the clarity and new confidence I gained working with Mary, it has catapulted our business.  

This was a long overdue, major shift that I just wasn’t getting on my own.  

Within the first week after developing my new product I had my first 15K week.  

Since then I have signed numerous clients, I have made back 20x's my investment.  


Heather Esposito

"I cannot say enough about working with Mary.  

My “issue” was that deep down. I wouldn’t allow myself to desire it, let alone admit that I wanted it. There was no congruency with my mind and my heart and it was incredibly frustrating.  

I had worked with other high level coaches who would spend so much time going through the “reasons” of why I felt the way I do but never got results, until now."  

- Heather E

"I accomplished more working with Mary than I had in the previous 5 years. Not only did I make more money, I truly owned my expertise.  

The kind of person you want to work with, to build life and business relationships, is someone who will teach you systems and skills, challenge and support you, and hold you accountable for your dreams and aspirations.  

That person is Mary Bicknell."  


Join us for 7-months of working to create your dream life and biz.

The Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan for Therapists Who Want to Coach.

Create a profitable, freedom-based online coaching business...(full or part-time)

BIG BONUS: SeeTheSigns Coaching Method™

(Transformation is what your client wants)

Master the Art of Coaching by blending your current clinical skills with a Method that combines Intuition & Psychology to create transformational results your clients want. 

Use as your own all of the Done For You coaching exercises and Done For You coaching workbooks.

Extra Bonuses:

1: Podcast Guest Training: Script, Email Template, Exactly What to Talk About, and your Call To Action.

2: Closing the Deal Sales Calls & Enrolling Clients: Script, Overcoming Objections, Selling Mindset & The 3 Critical Questions That Lead to YES!!

3: Me: Unapologetically-21 Day Life Coaching Program

Your Orientation Call is Monday, Dec 14! Doors Close Sunday! Dec. 13


Hey, I get it.

This is a big decision. Want to chat and get your questions answered?

Reach out to Mary right on Facebook Messenger---->>>CLICK HERE

Paid in Full Start Now Plan

Bonus: 30 Minute Private Business Strategy Session with Mary

  • Deposit of 500 today
  • Balance of 7000 in 3 week

Save $200.00

Sign Up

Paid in Full

Bonus: 60- Minute Private Business Strategy Session with Mary

  • One payment of 7500 today.

Save $200.00

Payment Plan

Leverage your time with installments

  • Deposit of 1100 today
  • 6 Monthly 1100
  • Every 30 days

Easy Pay

Let’s get real.

What if you could: 

  • show up, feel confident and get paid the fees coaches charge.
  • understand how to find & sign new clients.
  • help clients get big results.
  • work your biz schedule when you want to.
  • live out a dream or start dreaming about possibilities again.
  • gracefully bridge the two professions.
  • end the cycle of having to stay stuck with the same 1:1 clients for years.  

You have options here:

Option #1: Continue to do what you are doing right now. Wondering if coaching is right? Wondering how to get your next client? Wondering how to make more money? Wondering how to have more free time? Wondering what freedom would feel like?

Option #2: Learn to create a Life & Biz you love. Learn to confidently find clients. Learn to follow a plan. Learn to use this program so you get paid what you deserve to get paid. 

You don't need one more certification, one more credential or one more license.

You need to learn how to use a system to build something you love and something you're proud of.


When does this start?

You have immediate access to your Pre-Program work inside your private membership vault.

There are numerous calls throughout the month. You will receive a Google Calendar with all the dates, times & zoom link so you can pick which calls to attend based on your current needs.

Several experts will be available inside these calls to ensure you get fantastic support.

Will I have access to asking Mary questions directly?  

Mary is LIVE on numerous calls throughout the month and will also pop into the FB group and answer questions periodically.

Is there a refund?

There is no refund. You have immediate access to the digital content for as long as you are in the Program. You are the leader of your life and biz. Start with the attitude this will work. Your timeline may be different from others in the Program. This is a LIVE coaching program to help you get started or expand your current business and build an online coaching business. You are in charge of following through and no, there is no refund. Be ALL IN!

Are all marketing strategies covered?

This program will help you master the art of coaching and master the art of The Relationship Marketing Method™ which teaches you how to attract clients with many strategies. Once you have mastered this, ads may be of benefit to you. Ad spending is advanced and this would make you eligible for the Up Level, Next Level Mastermind.

"Working with Mary was life changing because she forced me (in a very nice way) to invest in my future by expanding my upper limits in business, creativity and love.  

She gave me the tools so that I can continue to do this on my own and lead others to do the same. My confidence is so strong, I feel like the leader I always wanted to be, I have created systems to allow my business to flow and have more than DOUBLED MY SALES!  

My visibility has also increased, I have had my first workshops, I have been interviewed about my business and I have expanded the reach on the type of client I work with.

Thank you, Mary. I appreciate having invested with you and it truly allows me to support my clients investing in themselves."

- Elizabeth

That core values exercise was another big thing for me in kind of a surprising way because I’m not necessarily a person who says I don’t live by my values and don't know what they are but really honing in on that I felt like gave me a way to set direction but it also gave me a way on days that were frustrating to be like “oh but I'm acting according to my values right now” so it's just hard, but it's okay because there's a purpose for that hard “oh things are so things are difficult for now reason.” So for me it was well worth it. 

I would tell anybody to do it. I know that I'll be going back to things and I know I will go forward with things, so yeah. I am super thankful.  


"I would say it is well worth the investment in yourself, because like I said, most of us are not taught business no matter what kind of coaching people are doing whether they're a therapist or they're in some other kind of healthcare, we're not taught business in school and this really helps with that.

Yes, the mindset work is like incredible.

But the mindset work gets you to the point where you can hear about the strategic things you need to do, because without that I think if you’d started with planning and then systems I would have gone I can't do that."