Ready for answers and a plan for your online coaching business?

And yet, you aren't 100% sure if this is even the right time or the right path for you? Pandemic or not.

This self-study program is the exact program for you to figure out what you want in your life, in your biz, who you want to serve, what you could offer them and how-to actually begin.

Why this program?

Because you want to get started before investing in hiring a business coach or consultant.

Because you want to do this on your own time, you don't want to worry about attending a class or a call, you want to be free to learn when your schedule allows.

Because you know you want answers about what creating a coaching business would look like and right now, you don't want to commit to a 6 month or year-long program.

Because you are a self-starter, you don't need a big group and you certainly don't want to get lost in a sea of a 100 person group program.

Because you want to make a wise investment and learn from someone who understands you, a peer, a fellow psychotherapist who has created a global coaching business and gets you.

This program will help you figure out what you want.

This program will get your CLEAR on your big bold goals!

This program will give you a plan and help you figure out a niche, pricing, sharing what you do, marketing and so much more.

The perfect start to begin your online coaching business.

What if you could design your lifestyle and then build a business that would fund it?

A business that paid well.

A business that used your current skill set tweaked them and showed you, YES, you are able to coach.

A business that gave you time freedom.

A business that made you feel confident.

A business that allowed you to share your mission, your ideas and your impact with the world.

Learn the exact steps I used to go from making 46k a year to over 213k my very first year as a coach.

Yes, my very first year!

As an LCSW -- wow!! -- the social worker in me was thrilled.

Maybe you have some of the same thoughts I did when I finally decided coaching was the best option to give me the life I wanted. 

Are you shocked at how coaches are making more money than you ever could have dreamed of as a mental health or wellness professional?

Do you long for, yes, really love for FREEDOM from; insurance, managed care, clients not invested in their growth, low pay? 

Do you hesitate using the "C" word ? 1. because you aren't 100% sure yet if you want to coach, 2. you don't want to be associated with any negative stigma 3. you are completely unsure how to transition or add it to your current revenue streams?

Do you wonder how hard it would be to become a coach, especially when it comes to marketing because you only learned how to help clients, not how to find them?

Do you ever think if you had invested the same money as you did in your education, say as in a condo, you would have felt like it was actually worth it but now you are stuck and questioning how you are justifying that expense? 

And yet you:

  • see the BIG possibilities for your life because coaches seem to be making a lot more money than you are.
  • see how coaches are able to market themselves with social proof and glowing testimonials telling of the big-time results for their clients.
  • recognize providing “years of therapy” is not how you want to spend your time. You believe most people want solutions now. 

Because you're a therapist, here's the great news:

  • Even if you don't know where to start, have a bit of mindset blocks, you can revolutionize your life by becoming a coach.  
  • Even if you feel overwhelmed, you're better prepared than most because you have expert authority built right in with those initials after your name.  
  • Even if you don't know what to offer you know you can learn the ABC's of this system. 

I don't know about you, but the thought of making about 50 grand a year for the rest of my career-- after all the years of school and student debt-- felt kinda sh*tty.

Years ago, did you decide to get a job where you would be awakened by an alarm, wanting to hit snooze, pulling yourself out of bed, rushing out the door just to make about the same money and doing the same thing, not just every day but year after year? 

Working for someone who is probably not as smart as you, but makes more than you and tells you when to take lunch, go to the potty, and when you can take a vacation?

Is that what you signed up for when you decided to have a career where you help people? Let's not even talk about burn out.

What if you were in charge? What if you got to choose when you worked, how much you earned and who you helped? 

Like I said, I went from making 46k a year to over 213k my very first year as a coach. And since I am an LCSW -- wow!! -- the social worker in me was thrilled.

In fact, in my coaching business, I have had a 70k month! WHAT?!?!? 

When I discovered coaching and all of the ways I could reach people, make a lot of money and have time freedom, my mind was blown.

I soon realized I could create a coaching business around my LIFESTYLE and that felt like FREEDOM! 

At first, I was totally chicken sh*t because I:

  • didn't know anything about marketing and it felt salesy and I hated that idea.
  • didn't know what to offer and even the thought of charging thousands of dollars was like a mystery to me. 
  • didn't know how to show up as a ME THE COACH because as a therapist you never share yourself. 

But I knew this for sure, I was at a point in life where I wanted to stand on my own two feet, wanted to prove to myself that I could make this work. I wanted to recapture some of the idealism of my days in grad school, and I wanted to do the work with great clients that made me want to jump out of bed and feel proud of myself every single day.

Even if, at first, I didn’t know how it would all come together.

And I wanted financial and time freedom. 

I didn't want to have to rely on my husband or a job or a boss who would give me some pittance raise.

I wanted the security that only having my own business would bring. 

I wanted to know I could always take care of myself and my daughter and live the lifestyle I craved.

Even if it felt hard, I knew the hardest days of building my own freedom would be easier than another day working for someone else, or feeling resentful about getting paid squat.

I figured if I could learn to become a therapist, I knew I was smart enough to follow the A,B,C's of building a business. 

Because of my therapy background, I knew I: 

  • had tools I could adapt for coaching (and have since proven this).
  • had a strong ethical backbone (I don’t worry about twisting people’s arms hard-selling them and know how to keep boundaries intact).
  • knew people would appreciate all those initials behind my name (and they do, they tell me so).

What I found to be true is I:

  • make nearly 5x’s the money as a coach
  • have more people book me to coach them than I ever had as a therapist.
  • work when I want to around my life and schedule. I walk my daughter to the bus stop every single day.
  • show up as my real self and don’t hide out under a therapist hat.
  • no longer hold my tongue or stifle the wisdom my clients really need to hear.
  • help clients get real results that are big and life-changing.
  • no longer feel resentful for dealing with insurance or a medical model of telling me how to help.
  • feel so inspired and create a variety of options for clients to hire me.

It's time to free yourself from struggling to find clients and make money.  

Are you ready to:

  • Overcome your self-doubts and feel confident in what you have to offer? Spoiler alert: you already have SHARP coaching skills!
  • Follow the A,B,C's of building a business? Once you get things set up, a lot of the work is rinse & repeat.
  • Create amazing programs, package them up and get paid upfront!? No more insurance, no more awkward “I forgot my checkbook” conversations and no more worrying about no-shows.  
  • Help people everywhere? Why shouldn’t you be able to help someone just because they live right over that state line and to tell you a personal thrill...when I signed my first client who lived outside the Country?
  • Develop multiple offers or multiple revenue streams so you can get out of the paid by the hour model? aka: multiple revenues means multiple ways to make cash.
  • Put a simple system into place that will have clients understand what you do, seek you out and hand you their credit card? Remember, you have already gone through college for god’s sake, you know how to learn!
  • Help your clients get results by working with them the way you know would help them and the way you know you work best? Stop with the years of long talk therapy and victim loops?

The more you think about it, you realize you need to figure out how to find more clients and make more money no matter what.

I had my very first 5k week! 

This is life changing. Transitioning to being a coach felt like it would be a challenge. Once I was able to implement what Mary taught, my business took off.

Now I have my own holistic center, I see clients on my own time and am making more than ever before.

Jenna Galligani, LPC & Holistic Coach

Kathy Kidd

"Mary was a GAME CHANGER. Because of the clarity and new confidence I gained working with Mary, it has catapulted our business. 

This was a long overdue, major shift that I just wasn’t getting on my own. 

Within the first week after developing my new product I had my first 15K week. 

Since then I have signed numerous clients, I am a featured speaker and have the business I have always dreamed about. I know I will make back many thousands of times my investment."

Kathy Kidd, Coach

I want to invite you to:

The Big, Bold Life & BIZ Plan for Therapists Who Want to Coach  

Inside this self-study, I am going to share with you the exact steps I used to build my coaching business from 46k a year to $213,000 in my very first full year.

These are the same exact tools, tips and strategies I teach my private high-end clients who have gone on to have their first 5k week to building a business that pays them millions.

Even better, this program is a PLAN that will walk you through what is in your way as far as your thinking, show you how to market & make offers that demonstrate your value and create systems so your biz doesn't leave you with overwhelm.

Want the A,B,C's of building a business? That is what this program will help you with. 

And as a therapist turned coach, I have a unique understanding of where you're coming from!

You probably already know, when you have a PLAN for your life & your biz EVERYTHING in your life begins to change. BIG BREAKTHROUGHS can happen OVERNIGHT


  • More confidence in marketing your business and making offers.
  • More money in your bank account because you have irresistible offers that make serious changes in people’s lives.
  • More free time to do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want to.
  • More cool clients who are seeking you out and who you actually like helping.
  • More ability to reach people everywhere with a simple system.  

Let’s get real.

What if you could: 

  • show up, feel confident and get paid the fees coaches charge.
  • understand how to find & sign new clients.
  • help clients get big results.
  • work your biz schedule when you want to.
  • live out a dream or start dreaming about possibilities again.
  • gracefully bridge the two professions.
  • end the cycle of having to stay stuck with the same 1:1 clients for years.  

You have options here:

Option #1: Continue to do what you are doing right now. Wondering if coaching is right? Wondering how to get your next client? Wondering how to make more money? Wondering how to have more free time? Wondering what freedom would feel like?

Option #2: Learn to create a Life & Biz you love. Learn to confidently find clients. Learn to follow a plan. Learn to use this program so you get paid what you deserve to get paid. 

You don't need one more certification, one more credential or one more license.

You need to learn how to use a system to build something you love and something you're proud of.


  • Learn where you're holding yourself back -- it is YOUR time. 
  • Discover how you can be BOLD & how it is the KEY to unlocking your Crazy Big Dream.
  • Allow yourself to really want what you want, have it all, guilt free.
  • Get my Top 10 Tips for saying YES to your Crazy Big Dreams of a Bold Life & Big Profits.
  • How much does your dream life COST? Getting real with numbers and giving yourself permission to shed the "I just want to help people" and make their dreams come true mantra. 
  • This lesson is a $500.00 Value
  • Practice the "OWN IT PROCESS" and uncover the skills you already have that are perfect for coaching. 
  • Learn the 5 BLINDSPOTS keeping most women entrepreneurs from ever achieving their full potential.
  • Overcome your self-doubts and imposter syndrome. You can become a coach.
  • Ensure your ETHICS will never be questioned as you transition or add coaching to your business.
  • Get clear on the differences between coaching and therapy so you can easily tell people why you have transitioned. 
  • Understand where you are on the "BLAZING MY TRAIL" success path so you know the next steps for growth. 
  • Use this tool every single day in your business so you know what is next. 
  • This lesson is a $500.00 Value
  • Understand Your Thoughts and Beliefs about MONEY with this MINI ASSESSMENT. 
  • Create a "Love My Money Tracker" for your personal & biz finances. 
  • Set up your business for financial success with a few simple to implement systems.
  • Keep your money in your pocket. What not to spend your money on when you are setting up your biz even though everyone is telling you you need to. Buy this instead.
  • Get excited to offer high end programs even if you hate sales conversations or asking for money.
  • Protect yourself and your business by ensuring these 5 things. 
  • This lesson is a $500.00 Value
  • Discover and outline your signature program or product in ONE HOUR. 
  • Package and PRICE your service with 3 separate offers so you have something for everyone. 
  • Use the "BUILD A PROGRAM" framework.
  • Use your PRODUCT to stay connected to your clients, get higher visibility and make yourself the go-to person for your solution.
  • Leverage your PRODUCT so it is working when you aren't.
  • Develop multiple income streams for your business.
  • Learn 15 ways to RECYCLE, REPURPOSE & REUSE your program or product so your marketing makes sense.
  • Get access to examples of coaching agreements, terms and conditions, welcome packets and client documentation. 
  • This lesson is a $500.00 Value
  • Learn how to get clients: the most powerful question to ASK so they say YES!
  • Decide on your niche by using the "Starbucks Technique" so you become the go-to person and stop being a generalist. 
  • GUARANTEE your work and client success by doing this one simple thing. 
  • Use the "Flight Attendant" strategy to market without feeling rejected.  
  • Learn 3 easy & obvious places to begin finding your Perfect Clients.
  • Learn when & how to use "The HOT Hook" what do you do formula, emails templates to send out sharing your new gig and learn how to ask for testimonials so people want your solution.
  • Understand the #1 way to maintain your client relationship. It is so SIMPLE and ethical, you will not question whether you're doing something right or wrong. 
  • Get my 50 coaching questions you can use for every NICHE.
  • This lesson is a $500.00 Value
Nikki Rausch

"I’m not even able to express in words how much I get with you. Working with Mary has allowed me to double my rates, become a highly sought after speaker, build my confidence and push myself. 

I made more in the first few months of the year than I had in the entire PREVIOUS YEAR!"

Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven Coach

Big Bold Bonuses!! ($1500.00 value)

"UPDATE: I have just had my highest month to date! I love knowing I can create the income I want, whenever I choose.!"

Melinda Harlow, B.A. Owner, Massage Therapist

The videos not only teach you everything you need to get going, 

but you can see and hear other therapists just like you ask the questions you probably are thinking!

the Tool Chest Full of templates, examples, social media sample posting board, workbooks and bonuses, additional video tutorials, email sequences, how to create your entire social media strategy for an entire year, contracts, agreements and so much more.

Lifetime access so can refer back to the lessons any time and have the added benefit of whenever something is updated, you have immediate access! 

TOTAL PROGRAM VALUE : $4,500.00 (#beBOLDitstime

You don't have to wait until then to get started and get everything you need! 

Take advantage of this self-paced program. 

Even if a coaching biz isn't what you want right now, learn all the skills of building your therapy practice!



The videos not only teach you everything you need to get going, 

but you can see and hear other therapists just like you ask the questions you probably are thinking!

the Tool Chest Full of templates, examples, social media sample posting board, workbooks and bonuses, additional video tutorials, email sequences, how to create your entire social media strategy for an entire year, contracts, agreements and so much more.

Lifetime access so can refer back to the lessons any time and have the added benefit of whenever something is updated, you have immediate access! 

TOTAL PROGRAM VALUE : $4,500.00 (#beBOLDitstime

You don't have to wait until then to get started and get everything you need! 

Take advantage of this self-paced program. 

Even if a coaching biz isn't what you want right now, learn all the skills of building your therapy practice!



Suzie Conine

"LOVED LOVED LOVED you! And I just want to thank you again for being so incredibly gracious.The women raved about the fact you are so interactive and that allowed them to have many insights. Can’t wait to hear you again." Suzie Conine, Coach 

Heather Esposito

"I cannot say enough about working with Mary. My “issue” was that deep down. I wouldn’t allow myself to desire it, let alone admit that I wanted it. There was no congruency with my mind and my heart and it was incredibly frustrating. I had worked with other high level coaches who would spend so much time going through the “reasons” of why I felt the way I do but never got results, until now."  

Heather Esposito, Heath Coach

Emily Geizer

"Before working with Mary, I felt like the little problems in my otherwise fantastic relationship were just something I needed to accept. 

She showed me exactly what to do to bump those areas into the fantastic range. I can’t wait to do the rest of my assignments."

Emily Geize, Holistic Health Coach

Jeany Park

"Mary really walks the talk of playing big in her career and in her life." Jeany Park, CEO Treeswing

Frequently Asked:

When does this start? 

Start immediately.

Do you offer a guarantee or refund?

Because this is a digital program and you have immediate access to lessons, there is no refund.

I am not 100% sure what I want to focus on.

No problem. We will dive into a PROCESS of discovering what you want. AND even if you know what you want, being able to DESIGN a plan and goal is critical to your success.

I think a lot of my issues are around mindset, will this help?

Get ready, because you will learn so much about how your thinking impacts where you are today and where you will be tomorrow. This is exciting!

Who is Mary Bicknell, LCSW?

Mary Bicknell, LCSW is President and Founder of — an International Success Coaching & Consulting company focusing on teaching women how to become the leader they need (and want) to be in life and in business. She is the creator of several highly impactful programs.  

The Big, Bold Life & Biz Plan™: For Therapists Who Want To Coach is for the therapist or health professional who need to push through what is stopping them from making all the money they want to finally create all the FREE TIME they crave. The plan teaches concrete skills needed to own their value, create fantastic offers, understand marketing and have impactful sales conversations. Part of the key is to move quickly into action, abandon their fears and learn that being BOLD is the key to their success.  

The Regret Proof Life® is Mary’s signature program and she is currently putting this into a book. The program is based on years of working with women as a psychotherapist and as a success coach. The program supports women in 8 key areas of their lives. How you do one thing is how you do all things, this program helps women excel in the personal AND their professional lives. Within this program is the Big Breakthrough Formula, a tool that teaches women how to be in control of her thoughts, her feelings and her actions allowing her to have the results she wants in every area of her life.  

Mary’s mission for the past 25 years, is to help people see their capabilities. Mary combines her years as a Clinical Social Worker and a psychotherapist with her experience as a sales and cognitive behavioral trainer to help people worldwide have all the money they need to create all the time freedom they want….guilt free.

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