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What if discovering how was fun? What if discovering how allowed you to love yourself better, understood him better and felt relaxed?

Isn't that what a fantastic relationship is all about? 

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Put into practice these 21 Ways to have a Better Love Life, so you can:

  • Create a deep, intimate connection with YOURSELF and your PARTNER. (maybe for the very first time.)
  • Have clarity on what is missing and how to fix it.
  • Release any negative feelings about relationships and actually LOOK FORWARD to doing these suggestions. 
  • Understand what you need in a relationship to be more in love.

This is for you if you believe: 

  • It is completely possible for you to have a beautiful, loving and committed relationship. One that if you want, could last for a lifetime.  
  • One person (you) can truly make huge shifts in relationships.
  • MEN are not the sole problem in bad relationships.
  • YOU are ready for more clarity about what YOU personally want and what YOU personally need. (and maybe even look forward to it!)
  • You want to be connected....or maybe RE-connected because it has been a long time since you felt this way. 

As a former psychotherapist and a Master Life & Relationship Coach and more than 25 years of working with women, it's clear what you want, you want to be loved, honored and adored every single day.

Sometimes we just need new ideas and new tools in our LOVE TOOL CHEST.

Each one of these 21 ways is designed with the goal toward truly falling in love with yourself and knowing how to be more fully in love and have a better love relationship.

You can do this alone OR with a partner! 

You deserve to have everything you want in your life. You deserve to have everything you want in a Love Relationship. It's all available to you! 

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Hi, I'm Mary Bicknell, Master Love, Relationship & The Regret Proof LifeĀ® Coach

Mary Bicknell

You deserve to feel loved, adored and respected....every single day. Having a committed loving partner is something that is amazing, adds to the joy of life and what we LONG for it. 

I'm on a mission to support women having extraordinary relationships with themselves FIRST. I know when we have a better relationship with ourselves...frankly, we don't settle for bad relationships. 

Treating ourselves better is the very foundation for having a better love life, a more powerful business and you will show up as your real self in all of your various roles.

After some seriously terrible relationships, (good god!) I finally have a fantastic one. And it started with working on myself...and then both of us working on it together. 

As a former psychotherapist and a life & biz strategist....I believe in YOU.

You really can have the life, love & biz you dreamed about.  

Enjoy implementing these 21 ways...alone or with your partner. I promise, when you follow will have a better love relationship. 

Here's to your extraordinary love life!


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